< What is a Platform? />

A platform is what makes publishers say, "Yes!" to a book. 

It is also how readers find and fall in love with your book.

Your platform is a large, growing group of fans - people who already love the way you talk about your topic and they want more of you. 

Publishers like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and McGraw-Hill insist on authors who have platforms because they know
you will sell a LOT of books.

This FREE webinar will give you fresh ideas you can easily implement fast to start building interest and momentum around your book - before, during or even after publication.

        +  Social Media Quick Tips + Could You Get Paid to Speak? +
                             + Six Blogging Secrets for Authors Only +
                    + Can You Turn Your Book Into a Business? +
                     + How to Get On Radio, Print or Television +
                              +  Should You Pursue a Sponsor? +
                               + 5 Things Every Author Must Do +

Whether you are still looking for an agent or publisher //OR//
You self-published your book //OR// a traditional publisher acquired your manuscript //OR// You are still writing your book,
this jam-packed webinar will give you great ideas, tips and real things you can do RIGHT AWAY to transform your Destiny as an Author.      

< Literary Agent Wendy Keller/>

Wendy is the agent behind 17 New York Times best sellers + 9 international best sellers. (That's when an author becomes a best seller in a country besides the one they live in, and maybe in a language they don't even speak!) In almost 30 years in the publishing industry, Wendy has sold +1500 rights deals worldwide. Will your book be next? .

Wendy Keller

Literary Agent

Wendy believes authors have a right to be educated in how to win at the "publishing game". She is the only U.S. literary agent
who consistently
donates her time to helping
up-and-coming authors like you.

< What's the Plan? />

Join this FREE webinar and you will get a lively introduction to what YOU can do to make your book sell better - whether it is still just an idea, about to be published, or already out. 

All Attendees will get TWO (2) Helpful "Platform Launcher" Bonuses
just for showing up!

Practical Steps + Honest Instructions + Good Results

< There's a Proven Path to a Successful Book. May as well take it! />

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YOU will soon be able to create your Publishing Goals easily and directly.  This event is for nonfiction authors who have BIG dreams and who are sick and tired of wasting time.  Your platform WILL be the tipping point in attracting agents, publishers & book buyers.  Here's where and when to start.

Wednesday, May 25

5 PM Pacific
6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
8 PM Eastern

Thursday, May 26

9 AM Pacific
10 AM Mountain
11 AM Central
Noon Eastern