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Most speakers do, especially these days when the number of new speakers rushing into the marketplace is faster than ever before.

Wendy Keller joined the National Speakers Association in 1995 and has been helping speakers get more bookings, sell their books to publishers, and build their brands ("platform") ever since.  She has represented new speakers and top speakers - and lots of speakers in between.  She's even represented 11 of the NSA's past presidents!

The difference between the speakers who get top dollar and lots of attention and those who struggle to even get the entry-level fees comes down to branding and marketing. 

Those two factors will determine how much money you'll make, how far you can take this career and whether or not you will ever find that your inbound leads exceed your outbound marketing efforts.

If you're serious about taking your speaking career to the next level, you'll want to attend this free, informative (some may say "eye opening") webinar.

<{Wendy Keller}>

In the modern world, your ability to achieve the results you desire
depends on your ability to market yourself.
- Get attention from decision makers - Build your platform -

This is especially true for speakers. 

Wendy Keller is a content marketing expert who specializes in speakers and authors.

Wendy Keller

Content Marketing Strategist

Wendy knows that no one can buy what you've got to sell until they know you exist - and that you have what they want. 

Wendy's Next Book


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All the nitty-gritty details of platform building for small business owners, artists, authors, musicians, speakers, attorneys, carpenters, doctors, massage therapists, accountants, dry cleaners...(you get the picture!)

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Speaking is a glamorous, profitable, easy profession
...but only if you're actually getting booked - and paid - to talk!

In this no-holds-barred Full Blast Marketing webinar, you will finally know these things:

Why Meeting Planners Hire One Speaker and Ignore Another

- and what you must do to make them notice you.

The 3 Top Reasons No Speakers Bureaus Are Booking You

- nor even returning your calls!

The Big Time-Wasting, Expensive Mistakes Most New Speakers Make

- and how you can avoid them.

5 Sneaky (but ethical!) Ways to Get More Bookings in the Next 6 Months

- and raise your fees in the meantime!