<How to Get People to Pay to Listen to You/>

If you have the guts to write a book, run a company or help out a stranger, you've got the courage to stand in front of a room of people and share your hard-won knowledge.

I believe you ought to get paid for it.

In this strategy-packed 90 minute free webinar, you'll get a quick "Guided Tour" through the speaking industry.  You'll find out...

How it works, how to get started, how to find people who will hire you...and most of all...how to get paid.

The Goal of this Content Extravaganza is for you to make the wisest decision on What To Do Next to start getting paid (or paid more) as a speaker.

Plus FREE Attendee Bonus: Come to this LIVE webinar and you'll get the "Speech Topic Selector System" - a handy starting point for the industry you will soon be entering.

< Trainer Profile/>

Wendy Keller represents 11 past presidents of the National Speakers Association, the world's largest professional speaker group.  Her clients' speaking fees range from as little as $5,000 per engagement to $25,000 for
a single 45-minute presentation. 
Wendy has trained +8,200 brand new or yet-to-be-successful speakers. 
Her specialty is content experts who are or plan to become prosperous speakers
or well-published authors. 

She can help you.


Wendy Keller

Chief Talent Launcher
at Keller Media

< What Will You Get from This Program?/>

By the end of this 90-minute webinar, you'll finally know the answer to your Biggest Speaker Questions:

The #1 thing every speaker needs if they hope to get paid well

How one guy earns +$100K/year but...

speaks for free!

The 3 Questions Your Must Ask Yourself... Before you throw time and money into this business

Is this really right for you?

Can you make it?

What to do first, second and third...

...to get booked.

How to turn your speech idea into something that will sell - and serve more people faster.

Where the people who book speakers are hiding

(And how to coax them out!)

How and When to get other people to market you as a speaker...

And not get scammed in the process


Questions & good answers

< When Do You Want to Attend? />

To make this as easy as possible for you to attend, we offer two live dates.
Take your pick. The content is the same both days.

**Those who attend LIVE on either date will get a Bonus Gift!**

Live Webinar

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Live Webinar

< Finally Figure Out How to Crack this Lucrative, Rewarding, Fun Business/>

Questions always come up during events like this.  Wendy will answer yours at the end of the webinar.

Questions that can't wait?  Write to Elise at EHoward@KellerMedia.com